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Terms And Conditions

The undersigned shipper hereby orders the above carrier to furnish transportation facilities and services described in this order subject to and in accordance with the rules, regulations and charges as contained in the Tariff on file or the laws and regulations of the applicable regulatory agency and the terms and conditions of the Bill of Lading shown on the back and made a part hereto and agree to pay upon delivery the amount set forth below in Cash , E-Transfer or Certified Check.


1.      Moving Cost. The final cost of your move will be determined by multiplying the actual number of hours our moving crew had worked by the hourly rate indicated on your estimate. Travel time, the amount of packing materials used, the amount of valuation coverage and any will be added to the final cost of your move. All jobs are subject to 3-hour minimum.

2.      Labor Time. Labor time starts upon the arrival of our crew at your location and ends upon the departure from your final destination. Labor time is calculated based on 30 minute increments at the rate indicated on the estimate. Any travel between the pick up and the destination is considered to be part of the labor time.

3.      Travel Time. Please keep in mind that you will be billed for the travel time from our parking location  to your origin, and for the travel time from your final destination back to our parking. 

        The travel time is 1h for local move within Ottawa. This fee also includes the cost of transporting our moving equipment and crew to and back from your location.

4.      Arrival time frame. Please keep in mind that we do not provide a specific time of arrival. We offer 30 minutes  arrival time frames for all jobs scheduled in the am and 2 hour arrival time frames for all the jobs scheduled in the afternoon. We take pride in showing up on time, however there are situations that are beyond our control. 

5.      Customer presence. The customer or an authorized representative must be present during the move at all times. It is customer’s responsibility to do a final walk-through inspection of the premises to ensure we have taken and delivered everything. Our time runs continuously until all tools and equipment are back in the truck and payment is completed.

6.      Wrapping Materials. We provide free moving blankets and tapes for all moving jobs. 

7.      Additional services. In the event unknown additional services are required to perform your move, these costs will be in addition to the amount stated in your moving estimate. Such services and applicable charges will be based upon the prices and rates in effect on the date of issue of your quote. 

8.      Waiting Time. In case if our crew arrives at your location as agreed, but you’re not ready for us to start the job, you’ll be billed for our waiting time. Please understand that you’re holding up our team by not being ready for the move.

9.   Parking. Two parking spaces (to accommodate a 34 foot long moving truck) should be provided/secured by the customer. Parking spot has to be located within 75 feet from the entrance. In case if a parking permit is needed, it is customer’s responsibility to inform moving company . All parking permits have to be obtained by the customer unless otherwise indicated on the move plan. In case if there is no parking space available next to the origin/delivery location and the moving truck needs to be parked in a non-permitted space, it is customer’s responsibility to cover the cost of any parking tickets issued to moving company.


We do not Move:


Hazardous materials (including propane tanks) 







The client is responsible for any parasitic insects (bed bugs, cockroaches etc.) encountered within the premises of the origin, destination and/or additional locations. The client will be responsible for reimbursing “A Mile Above Moving” for costs incurred due to cleaning, sanitizing and delousing vehicles and/or replacing affected equipment.

“A Mile Above Moving” reserves the right to cancel a move if the conditions of any of the locations are unhygienic and/or the crew encounters any parasitic insects

“A Mile Above Moving” reserves the right to refuse to move an item if the item can not be safely move or if moving said items could put our movers in danger 



·         loss, damage, or delay to any of the goods described in the contract of carriage caused by an act of God, the Queen’s or public enemies, riots, strikes, a defect or inherent vice in the goods, an act or default of the consignor, owner or consignee, authority of law, quarantine or difference in weights of grain, seed or other commodities caused by natural shrinkage.

·         The mechanical quality of any electronics or appliances. 

·         Acoustical quality of any musical instruments

·         Damage to articles made of press board, particle board or wafer board or similarly structured materials

·         Damage to glass, marble, or similar materials, as an independent item or as part of articles being moved (unless proper packing is provided by customer, e.g. cardboard box with corners support for glass table tops, a wooden crate for marble table tops)

·         Damage caused by or due to peeling veneer of any sort

·         Deterioration of any article due to aging, temperature, humidity or moisture

·         Items of extraordinary value including but not limited to Mortgage Papers, Legal Documents, Business Documents, Antique, and Jewelry are not covered by either release rate liability or full value protection. Therefore, these items are moved and/or transported at the owner’s risk. It is recommended that clients transport this item themselves.

·         Exterior cosmetic damage on unboxed merchandise caused by the Company is consignor’s sole responsibility. Company does not take any responsibility whatsoever on items that are unpacked or poorly packed

·         Item in boxes that are not packed by our movers or packing team unless the outside of the box indicates that the box was damaged during the move.

·         Electronic items not functioning after the move unless there is clear evidence that the item was not handled properly during the move.


To be insured against damages, the following items must be crated or placed in specialized boxes/cases. Custom boxes and crates MUST BE PROVIDED BY CUSTOMER.

·         Products made of natural stone, concrete, ceramic, porcelain, or glass

·         Paintings, sculptures, or other works of art

·         Grandfather clocks, chandeliers, flat-screen televisions, musical instruments

·         Small appliances such as microwaves, stereo equipment, printers, computers, and monitors. 

·         Mirrors, wall clocks, and hanging fixtures. 

·         Mattresses will not be insured against structural damage if the customer requests that they be bent or folded during the moving process. 

·         Sports/exercise equipment (e.g. bikes, treadmills, home gyms, kayaks, canoes, paddle/surf/sailboards) unless packed/crated by an agent of “A Mile Above Moving”

·         Motorized vehicles/equipment (e.g. motorbikes, lawnmowers, snowblowers) mobility aids (e.g. wheelchairs); medical equipment (e.g. hospital beds)

·         Any damage resulting from the interference or assistance of a customer or other(s) in the moving or packing process.

·         Damages to the home unless documented on the work order prior to the moving crew leaving the home.


It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the home and bring any damages to the attention of the crew before they leave the site. The company may, at its discretion, accept responsibility for damages after the fact.

We reserve the right to refuse to move items through passages or stairways with less than 2 inches of clearance all around the walls/ceiling and the item in question.

We reserve the right to refuse to move items through passages or stairways with less than 2 inches of clearance all around the walls/ceiling and the item in question.

  Cancellation Policy

1.For a full deposit refund please make sure to cancel within 24 hrs after confirming your reservation and 7 business days prior to the actual move. Please note: if you are canceling a move that is less than 7 business day out – your deposit will not be refunded. Any cancellations after 24 hours after the booking will result in a total loss of your deposit.

2. Any reschedules have to be confirmed with your sales representative at least 7 business days prior to the move. Please note that rates are subject to change based on the availability and dates.
3. Please note that rescheduling of the move will be accompanied by a $25.00 service fee.

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