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3 Commonly asked packing questions

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can you pack a whole house in 3 days?

Packing up your entire home within a mere three days might seem daunting, yet it’s entirely feasible with meticulous planning and effective execution. The secret to success involves organizing tasks by priority, keeping everything orderly, and seeking assistance wherever possible.

Initiate the process by drafting an exhaustive moving checklist that segments the packing into smaller, more manageable activities. Kick off with items that you don’t immediately need, like decor, books, or seasonal apparel. It’s crucial to remain focused and keep a consistent pace throughout.

Solicit the help of friends, relatives, or professional packing teams to share the workload. It’s important to clearly mark each box, making it easy to spot what’s inside when it’s time to unpack. Although packing your house in such a short timeframe demands both commitment and hard work, a well-organized approach and collaborative effort can lead to a smooth and effective relocation.

Do you pack boxes or furniture first?

When gearing up for relocation, a frequent dilemma is the sequence of packing – should one start with boxes or tackle the furniture first? The widely advised strategy is to pack your boxes prior to handling the furniture. This initial step of packing boxes enables you to categorize and organize your possessions, eliminate unnecessary items, and decide on what to bring along to your new place.

Commencing with boxes paves the way for a decluttered and manageable workspace, reducing the risk of stumbling over scattered belongings. After your boxes are neatly packed and labeled, your attention can shift towards dismantling and preparing your furniture for the move.

Adopting this method not only safeguards your items for the journey but also lays out a strategic plan for the effective packing and loading of your moving truck or conveyance. It’s important to exercise caution when packing and transporting furniture to prevent any damage or personal harm.

Can I leave stuff in the drawers when moving?

The best strategy for moving furniture, particularly when considering items to leave in drawers, hinges on multiple factors like the furniture’s design, the weight and delicacy of the contents, and how far you’re moving. 

Generally, it’s wise to empty drawers before relocating furniture. Keeping contents in drawers can add unnecessary weight and stress to the piece, complicating the move and possibly causing damage. Moreover, contents can move in transit, risking breakage or other harm. For a smoother and safer relocation, it’s recommended to remove everything from drawers, pack these items securely, and move the furniture separately. This method ensures the safety of your belongings and the furniture, reducing the chances of mishaps or damage during transport.

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What is a reasonable price for a local move?

What is a reasonable price for a local move?

The cost of a local move can vary depending on several factors, such as the distance between the two locations, the size and weight of the items being moved, and the number of movers required. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you determine what a reasonable price for a local move might be.

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