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Step By Step Moving Guide

When the thought of moving homes crosses our minds, nerves get wreck and mind gets burdened. Especially if you’ve been relocating for the first time, there’s a lot you need to consider. Starting from hiring the movers, directing them, packing your items, and finally dispatching them to the new destination, you need to follow some pre-moving requisites. You don’t have to worry! We’re here with those right tips and tricks to get this job done seamlessly.

The Complete Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Choosing and researching Moving Company

To best way to find the right moving company for your move is to do an extensive research about different moving companies in your area, read reviews, ask friends for recommendation and research those recommendations

For more in-depth tips on Red flags to watch out for, please refer to our article on “Red Flags to watch out for when choosing a moving company

Step 2: Planning the Move

Planning solves half the problems –that’s the common saying. If you want a stress-free moving experience, planning everything regarding the move should be your first step. Planning before a considerable time will reduce your burdens from the final moving day.
You just have to organize the timeline and enlist all the things you want to take with yourself –from important document to the furniture. Keeping all your schedules in mind, plan the most suitable day and staying focus.

Step 3: Hiring the right moving company

Packing your private essentials and moving them safely to the destination demands trust in your moving agency. Well, you can’t randomly choose anyone to assign this task. You need to do proper research and make the right choice. When it comes to customer care, satisfaction, and privacy, nothing can beat the standards of moving services provided by ‘A Mile Above Moving –an esteemed Ottawa Moving Company.

Step 4: Properly packing items for move Day

Most moving companies offer packing services but this is also something you can do yourself if you have the time. Although, it might be easily to outsource this services to a reputable moving company.

If you do choose to pack your items yourself, make sure everything is properly packed/labelled and fragile items are properly padded.

Never leave the packing part of the move on the final day –it creates a lot of distress and burden. Gather all the supplies, boxes, tools, and things you need to pack to get the packing done before time. Make sure that you only keep the necessary stuff unpacked for usage.


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Step 5: Move Day

On move day, give your movers a tour of house and let them know the items that will need to be moved to new house and the items that will be staying. This will help avoid the movers asking you questions about each items. Make your mover feel appreciated and give compliment when they do something that really impress you.
Moving doesn’t have to be stressful . Moving to a new home and environment is exciting and we are here to make it one of the best experience possible


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