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Moving house is not the easiest of projects, even when you have done it before. Employing a professional moving service makes it easier, but it does not mean all the work will be done for you.


Unless you hired a full-service mover, you still have to get your stuff ready for the movers. And this is considerable work. This quick guide will show you how to prepare your house for the movers to ensure you have a problem-free move.

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Items Moving Company wouldn't move

Before anything, you need to know what the moving company will not move. All moving companies have a list of prohibited items; items the company deems too dangerous to be transported.


Here is a list of items the moving company wouldn’t move:

We don’t move perishable food since it will be hard to keep them cool during transportation with the exception of un-opened perishable food. Consider donating food to organization like Move For Hunger

We also advice our clients to move their High Value Items like expensive Jewelries, collectibles, expensive paintings, money, checkbooks, baseball cards and family heirlooms by themselves as this items require special insurance 

Plants sometimes don’t make it during a move, the dirt either shifts and falls off OR they wilter due to the temperature change in the truck or the leaves fall off during transportation. It is adviseable to transport plants in your car where they can be closely monitored

Propane Tanks, combustible items, lighter fluids, and paints are deemed too dangerous to be moved in a moving truck. It is advisable to move these items yourself

Moving companies wouldn’t move firearms and ammunition. These require special license and regulations 

Moving Trucks are not temperature controlled and as such, moving companies wouldn’t pets in the truck

Cleaning supplies and Liquor are flammable and they could ignite in extreme temperature

get moving supplies

Moving supplies you will need include small bubble wrap for fragile items, packing paper to use as padding, moving boxes of various sizes and dividers, furniture pads or padded wrapping paper, stretch plastic wrap, heavy-duty packing tape, marking pens, and Ziploc bags. You may also need telescope boxes, plastic bins, banker’s boxes, and trash bags.

Top view of messy and full of moving boxes room

take inventory

Unplug And Prepare Appliances

This will help you pack in a logical manner, track the whereabouts of items, and make unpacking easier. Additionally, if there is a dispute with the company over any missing stuff, it will serve as proof of the contents of the shipment.


The more detailed your inventory, the better. Include the type, brand, and serial numbers in the list.

The moving company will not disconnect your appliances for you. It is your responsibility to disconnect anything that is connected to the main utility.


Refrigerators, washing machines, and freezers should be unplugged, emptied, cleaned, and readied for the move. Remove the batteries from any appliances that will be transported in the truck. Also, drain the fuel out of tools and equipment that use gas.

Clean, organize, and sort

Cleaning items

Sorting your things before the move gives you a chance to arrive at your new home lean and organized. It saves you from taking unnecessary items with you.


Go through your belongings and remove items that are broken or have not been used for a long time. These should be discarded or given away. Clean or wash your belongings that are still in good condition and arrange them according to how you intend to pack them, suggests EasyClean.

packing fragile items

box and label everything

Items that are easily lost should be separated and packed in a sealable bag before they are put into a packing box. This will ensure they are not scattered during the journey.


Fragile items should also be separated and wrapped properly. Do not forget to label each sealable bag of small items, as well as the fragile items. This will serve as a reminder of what each item is when you eventually pack them.

If you do your packing well, the movers’ work will be easier and unpacking will be hassle-free. Each box should be packed according to its corresponding room in your new home.


Put heavier items at the bottom to avoid boxes tipping over. Make sure boxes are completely filled to keep their contents from juggling around; if necessary, pad them.


Color-code and label boxes in a way that is easy for everyone to understand- write instructions if needed. On the appropriate boxes, write “FRAGILE” or “LOAD LAST” in large letters.

Packing important items

Have a moving essentials bag where you keep items like keys, medicine, credit cards, important documents, heirlooms, jewelry, and small electronic devices (laptop, phone, camera, and tablets).


The bag should have enough room for bathing & sleeping essentials, extra clothes and shoes, and some entertainment items. Things like artworks and collector’s items should also be separated, even if they do not go in the bag.

Family moving in to a new home

arrange sitters for young children

Boys Moving Boxes in New House

We are children-friendly and love having kids on site but sometimes they could be distracting so it’s always best to make sure to get a sitter and ask a relative to watch over them while you give the mover your full attention.

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