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Finding a moving company to help you relocate from your current address to the new destination could be really challenging and if not done right, this could cost you thousands of dollars. There are lots of moving companies with different specialization, pros and cons in the city and choosing one could make the huge difference between a pleasant moving day and the worst day ever.

If you are moving specialty items like piano, appliances, hot tub, double door fridge, treadmill, and expensive arts, be sure to provide the moving company with a picture of it and ask them what their charges is. 

Make sure to also ask if they experience moving these items.

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Here are some steps that you can take when evaluating which moving company to go with

Make a detailed list of all the items in your house that you will be moving and give this list to the moving company when sending out moving inquiries. Being upfront with the moving company and making sure they have a detailed list will ensure that they provide a more accurate estimate and they will have no reason to change the price on move day. Also, make sure all communication is via email so you can refer back to previous communication if need be.
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Only go with a moving company that has insurance coverage.  No matter how careful the movers can be during a move, accident does happen even to the best of us. When this happens, its always nice to know that the moving company is fully insured, and you can file an insurance claim.

Do your research before making the decision to go with a moving company. Check the moving company reviews on platform like Facebook, Google, BBB, yelp, reddit etc. Go with a moving company that has consistently great reviews. Also beware that some reviews may be fake. Check out our next blog on how to determine fake reviews.

Watch out for red flags when choosing a moving company.

Red flags could be

  • No registered business name
  • Un responsiveness
  • Fake reviews on Google

  • Check out our article “Red flags to watch out for when choosing a moving company

    After you’ve choose a moving company and finalized the moving details. Make sure to have everything documented and follow up with the company a week before your move and the day before move day.

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